Ottawa’s Lynne Hanson caught in COVID-19 trap overseas

Lynne Hanson.

Ottawa singer-songwriter Lynne Hanson tours Europe a lot. She has fans there and has built up an important set of contacts in the U.K. and on the continent.

She is now scrambling, with her band, to get home from Holland after the cancellation of six concerts. And she’s wondering about the fate of a U.K. tour that begins in mid-April.

She said in a facebook messenger exchange with ARTSFILE that “we are heading to Amsterdam airport to try and get home.” She said she couldn’t get a ticket online before March 22. And a call to Air Canada was on hold for two hours before it was dropped.

She said she was prepared to stay if she has to but knows that whatever happens “this is going to be brutal for me.”

The prime minister’s decision to limit incoming international flights will make that mor difficult. Finally late in the day, she managed to get a flight out on Sunday.

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Peter Robb began his connection with the arts community in Ottawa in the mid-1980s when he was the administrator and public relations director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. After a long career in journalism with the Ottawa Citizen where he served in a number of different posts he returned to the arts when he became the Citizen's arts editor.