Impeccable timing: There’s a new Shelley in the world

Alexander Shelley holds his son in this Instagram post.

Alexander and Zoe Shelley are basking in the glow of the arrival of their son.

The music director of the NAC Orchestra announced the birth in an Instagram post.

“A few short hours ago this beautiful little boy came into our lives. He and his mother, who was formidable from the first moment of pregnancy to the last, are healthy and resting. We are full to the brim with joy, gratitude and love. #baby#newborn #firstdayonearth #prouddad#babyboy #love #joy #gratitude #wonder#miracleoflife, he wrote.

The timing is impeccable before the orchestra begins its 2018-19 season with performances of all nine Beethoven symphonies.

The couple have not got a name yet for their son, but one that won’t be used is Gordon. The name has been part of the Shelley family for three generations, but it will not be present in the fourth, at least not with this child, Shelley told ARTSFILE.

After making elaborate plans to be in the delivery room if the birth happened during the festival, Shelley can now conduct as a proud father.

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