The Canadian War Museum is celebrating a $300,000 donation from the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation. The funds will help support a new exhibition that features the

When the internationally known designer Karim Rashid was a young lad of seven, his attention was often focused on a coffee table in the

Once, in the 1980s, I was interviewing a man who was older than I then thought possible. He was bedridden, and needed help with

The Canadian art world is marking the death of Pierre Théberge, the former director of the National Gallery of Canada. He died on Oct.

Spend long enough looking at art, and there may come a moment of revelation — it’s not just about what you’re seeing, it’s also

By this point, Edward Burtynsky’s status among Canadian art seems to reach to the very sky, like the giant “augmented—reality" tree that he, and