Much about the National Gallery’s newest European painting is not what it appears to be. It appears to be a party of well-heeled people celebrating

Twenty years ago, the film, The Red Violin, soared onto the big screen. It starred, essentially, a musical instrument, a violin stained red by the

After 10 years, Marc Mayer's time as director of the National Gallery of Canada is coming to a close but he's certainly going out

Forty-five years ago an Ottawa family made a important decision. They gave a treasured collection of art to the public. Today that collection is the

The Canadian Museum of History’s “entirely new look at William Notman” will likely be the first look for most visitors. Notman isn’t a household

Last Sunday, I happened onto the webpage of Gallery 78 in Fredericton, N.B., and for the first time saw the work of Jessie Babin,