It would be interesting to know what the lake thinks about it. But lakes don’t usually speak, unlike the two people warring over the

The 2019 winners of the Siminovitch Prize for Theatre are Maiko Yamamoto and James Long, the artistic directors of Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement. This is

Alcinous, majesty, shining among your island people, what a fine thing it is to listen to such a bard as we have here —

On this day, Julie Taymor was feeling a bit tired. She's been working 12 hour days in post-production on the film The Glorias: A Life

“We are women who do what must be done.” So says the cigarette-puffing, mahjong-addicted great-grandmother in Jeff Ho’s one-man play trace, now at the NAC. The

Had Jeff Ho not run away to Montreal when he was a teenager, his mother might never have understood what theatre is all about. The