You’d never sink your life savings into a Ponzi scheme, right? Especially one operated by a former pig farmer who wants you to breed

In October, 1962, Canada’s prime minister, John Diefenbaker, found himself swept into a crisis that threatened to end life as we knew it. The U.S.,

It's been about dozen years since Ben Caplan has seen his face. That's the last time the hirsute singer-songwriter shaved off what is now

The NAC’s new Indigenous Theatre department will have to make cuts to its inaugural season because it didn’t receive funding from Heritage Canada in

“Life will be different this time,” says young, hopeful Marie-Joseph Angélique at the beginning of Lorena Gale’s Angélique (NAC). A sinking feeling in your

Shakespeare’s King Lear is not for the faint of heart. Cruelty, despair and madness anchor the play. Fond and foolish Lear may bring on his