This year's list of lifetime laureates of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards includes a major Indigenous actor, a Chinese Canadian composer and a comedian

You think you’re on the side of right when it comes to polarized issues like immigration and freedom of speech? The Assembly – Montreal,

Twenty-five years ago, Wouter Van Looy was a violinist involved in theatrical productions in his native Belgium when he had a eureka moment. The result

One of the greatest jazz guitarists ever born; barely able to write a cheque, let alone manage his life; strangled and dumped by an

What does it mean to be a hero? Where do stories go when no one reads them? Why would a father pack a kale

The names Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore don’t ring a bell? Fifteen years ago, they didn’t for Ottawa’s Sarah Waisvisz, either. Then Waisvisz, a budding