Caroline Dromaguet seems poised to become the next director general of the Canadian War Museum – a job with a troubled record during the

The author Graeme Gibson has died, according to announcement by his publisher Penguin Random House. He was 85. Gibson had been confronting Alzheimer's disease in

Rich Francis was working on a construction site in London, Ontario when he made a decision that changed his life. The son of a Gwich'in

For the first time, the Prismatic Arts Festival will travel from Halifax to Ottawa where a mix of theatre, dance, music and visual art

In 1999, John Thompson made an important decision. He'd been working as a papermaker at the old E.B. Eddy plant for some 20 years. It

When Nicole Milne was a child in Winnipeg she used to attend her father's performances in musical theatre. She remembers sitting in the wings watching