Marcelle Hudon works with shadows, but her world is not a dark place. Hudon is a master of shadow puppetry and she brings an

Amanda Rheaume moved to Toronto's Little Portugal area in May 2017. You could say the move has been good for her. She certainly thinks

Gabrielle Shonk is looking forward to a break. She's planning a visit to her brother in Florida for a couple of weeks and then, when

No question Steve Marriner can spot a good alliteration. After all, his latest project is called the Manx Marriner Mainline. Of course, anyone who nostalgic for

For some 60 years, it's been all in the family for the Romeros. The family business is the guitar both in the famous quartet that

Inside the Bear Lodge, a circle and some modern technology are making magic happen and the result will be a show at the National