When NACO and the Canadian Opera Company asked Métis composer Ian Cusson to write a new soprano aria for Louis Riel, they gave him

On Sept. 19, something that is not being performed on the Southam Hall stage is at the centre of an important precedent, says a

Susan Aglukark was just back from her home town of Arviat on the shore of Hudson Bay. Arviat is the very first Inuit community

There's nothing the mezzo-soprano Marion Newman likes better than embarking from the Toronto Yacht Club with her partner on their Contessa 26 sailboat and spending a

Barbara Croall is an Odawa First Nations composer who is also a teacher and a performer. Her work is rooted in traditional Anishinaabeg teachings

One of the world's finest piano trios will be warming up February in Ottawa. The Vienna Piano Trio will bring a program into the