Singer-songwriter-teacher Megan Jerome's most recent album is 2017's Ooh Aah. She will be performing her music in concert on Monday at the NAC's Fourth Stage with

Amy Millan has a secret. She's a committed "thrifter." On tour with her band Stars, the singer and guitarist is known to frequent thrift shops, picking

There have been 26 members of the Kings Singers over the past 50 years. That's four groups of six plus two spares, says baritone Christopher

JW Jones spends a lot of time away from his home in Ottawa. The veteran guitarist and well-known bluesman is now back for more than

Twenty years ago, the film, The Red Violin, soared onto the big screen. It starred, essentially, a musical instrument, a violin stained red by the

Byron Stripling's dad was a classically trained singer, music professor and choir director. "I could always sing," said Byron, whose day job is as the