Dan Mangan jokingly calls his current string of concerts "a comeback tour." As if. The Vancouver singer-songwriter and musical entrepreneur is coming the the National

Jonathan Biss is Beethoven-obsessed, or at least he has been for the past decade. He's recorded all 32 piano sonatas during this period. And, he

It's probably the most fitting award Angela Hewitt has had in many years, even her Governor-General's lifetime achievement award. The Ottawa native has been awarded

As a child, Nikki Chooi's parents wanted him to be exposed to a lot of different possibilities. So he played soccer and baseball. He

These days Ottawa native Carolyn Farnand lives in Hell's Kitchen in New York City while she studies for her Master's degree at The Juilliard

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed in Ottawa on Monday night, the first stop on a quick-march mini-tour that took them to Montreal on Tuesday