A Tribe Called Red will kick off Canada's representation at Cervantino, one of the continent's largest cultural festivals.  Canada is one of two Guests of

In the 1970s, Ottawa was not a cultural hotbed. There were artists here working hard to try to make a career but many left

Nosferatu is a German expressionist silent horror film made in 1922 by F.W. Murnau. It tells of a vampire named Count Orlock in what

Colm Feore may have Boston on his passport as his birthplace, but his first North American home of any duration was actually in Ottawa

The year 1939 was a big one for Hollywood. Some of the most important movies ever produced by Tinsel Town were released that year:

It's been an improbable rise to prominence for the Quebecois pianist Alexandra Stréliski . After all she plays 'neo-classical' music on the piano she has