Retired or defeated politicians like to write books, but usually it's a memoir. But former Capital Ward councillor, David Chernushenko, is trying something different.

When it’s time to write, author Darrel McLeod often begins with a sage-and-sweetgrass ceremony. Then, he turns on the “modernized” opera music of France’s

The Anishinaabe and French-Canadian poet David Groulx is about to release his latest collection of poetry called From Turtle Island to Gaza. In it the Vanier-based

What's surprising, Terese Marie Mailhot says in her candid way," is that a book can have a life of its own." Mailhot's first book Heart

German fantasy writer Cornelia Funke has carved a major place on the world stage with books such as Inkheart trilogy and Dragon Rider. These

The genius of Guy Gavriel Kay is his ability to take a period of history and shift it without losing connection to the reality