Ottawa is, by area, the largest big city in Canada, by far. Our citizens live in neighbourhoods that are spread over 2,778 square kilometres

The internationally known American photographer Stephen Wilkes will kick off the Contemporary Conversations series at the National Gallery of Canada on Nov. 30. It

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” wrote the late Leonard Cohen, who probably never expected his words to be

By Rosa Saba Nicholas Crombach says his exhibition CAPTURED, at the Ottawa School of Art’s Byward Market gallery, represents his fascination with the relationship between

We humans have separated ourselves from wildlife, as we’ve tamed many animals and, ostensibly, ourselves. Yet, what a mirror the creatures of the wilderness

The pace has been dizzying for Ottawa's School of Photographic Arts over the past 12 months but the stars have aligned and SPAO is