The process has formally begun to replace National Gallery Director Marc Mayer with a call on a federal website for candidates interested in the

Mention the word “armour” and the imagination fires — those knights in their polished suits of steel, their mighty steeds snorting, their fair maidens

By Liam McPherson Paul Champion-Demers has worked in the presence of dignitaries and high-profile politicians in Canada’s capital for most of his life. He has practised

EYE BUY ART’s sudden appearance in Ottawa is an example of one thing makes the gallery unique, says owner Emily McInnes. “Our business model allows

From the fall of the Roman Empire in about 400 AD to the start of the Renaissance in about 1500, lies a span of

The first confirmation of private support for Carleton University's purchase and development of the Dominion-Chalmers United Church complex is the announcement of a $2