What’s striking about Moments from 150 Years Ago, now at the Museum of History, is not any individual photograph, it’s the portrait they cumulatively

Light is constant but technology changes, so the large Jeff Wall image that ends Photography in Canada: 1960-2000, now at the National Gallery, is

I suppose I should start with Lawren Harris, who could be the most recognizable name in Canadian art and certainly is the blockbuster among

It’s tricky business when, say, an actor stands before the public as, say, a musician. Does the actor have the musical talent to make

Robert Harris’s Meeting of the School Trustees is the iconic painting of Prince Edward Island, that tiniest of provinces that exports potatoes, shellfish and art conservators.

To stand in front of Vilhelm Hammershoi’s Sunshine in the Drawing Room, a newly acquired painting at the National Gallery, is to feel austere.