I think therefore I am is Rene Descartes' famous statement of human awareness. Embedded in that sentence is the fundamental reality of the human

The horses are running again alongside Sussex Drive. By early Thursday afternoon, with the artist watching, a new set of Joe Fafard's 11 magical, colourful,

There was a time, mayhap 25 years ago, when the news of an exhibition of great impressionists was thrilling, but today, after so many

There are, according to various sources, more than 440 billion pieces of Lego in existence, and it feels like most of them are now

The evolution of the School of Photographic Arts in its new location in the Preston Street area near Dow's Lake has been nothing short

I confess to an abiding love for “scientific” drawings of nature. If I’m in your cottage I’ll soon retreat to a corner to savour