Even in the age of ubiquitous video, a still image can be explosive, as seen in the World Press photo of the year. The photograph,

“From the very first pages of our art history books,” writes National Gallery director Marc Mayer on the very first page of his own

Andrew Waldron is the author of Exploring the Capital: An Architectural Guidebook to the Ottawa-Gatineau Region. He is also an architectural historian and works for Brookfield

What initially looked like a scam email has resulted in Ottawa artist Christopher Griffin’s work not only appearing on high-fashion clothing from Rome, but

Ruth Abernethy's life is, as she says, "in tidy little pieces." One of Canada's most prolific and talented sculptors in bronze did not start her

Christine Fitzgerald is an award-winning photographer from Ottawa with a special interest in nature. Much of her work deals with the fraught relationship between