Every year the Canadian War Museum presents the winning images from the annual World Press Photo contest. The 2018 exhibition, which runs until Aug. 12,

One fine summer day we were driving the backroads of PEI in search of a shortcut, which I had known as a teen but

By Liam McPherson In the vaults of the National Capital Commission are some of Ottawa-Gatineau’s most prized keepsakes, collectively known as the Crown Collection. The

Ottawa's School of the Photographic Arts is hosting an exhibition of work by the American-born, South African resident photographer Roger Ballen in its gallery

Down by the Ottawa River, perched atop a stony cliff, is the home of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and three summer exhibitions that

At first glance, Ruth Steinberg's large photographs resemble the kind of idealized vision of beauty preferred by the Pre-Raphaelite artists of the late 19th