It’s a safe bet you’ve never realized the universality of A Lover and His Lass, that sweet and buoyant song from Shakespeare’s As You

Think the Ottawa weather has been punishing this summer? It’s been a cakewalk compared to the situation in Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia,

Kim Kilpatrick could hear passersby chuckling as she walked home from the pet store, having just bought some food and other necessities for her

Could a sex strike and an ancient Greek play halt the impending ravages of climate change? Toronto-based playwright David S. Craig figured there was an

Small wonder Twelfth Night is considered one of Shakespeare’s best comedies. Its plot-line of love, gender confusion and general chaos, which is kicked off when

One thing about the new Roddy Ellias opera Sleeping Rough: Puppets are at centre stage and for Noreen Young, that's just great. Young, of course,