This year's Siminovitch Prize will be awarded to one of four playwrights. The list of 2017 nominees was announced in a media release Monday morning.

Pity the rich boy with too much time on his hands. His heart entombed as though by a Russian winter, he drifts through life

If Amiel Gladstone had been otherwise engaged a few years back, Onegin, the hip musical opening the new theatre season at the National Arts

The Great Canadian Theatre Company is back to school with a new initiative to involve students and teachers in the world of theatre. GCTC's "fully

When Burn, a ghost-cum-mystery story by Ottawa playwright John Muggleton, opens at The Gladstone Aug. 24, a crucially important person won’t be on hand

Making the grade in Canadian theatre isn't easy. But two independent companies based in Ottawa are starting to spread their wings. Matthew Venner and