Four musicals will hit the NAC's Southam Hall stage in 2018-19 as Broadway Across Canada marks its 20th year.  The season opens with the School

At first sight, the two knitting needles stuck into an inconspicuous basket of wool seem a simple touch of domesticity. They are implements you’d

By Matt Yuyitung What happens to you when the job you love is taken away and you are forced to confront a new life that

Had Hannah Moscovitch not fished out a bit of spare change over a dozen years ago, Sophie, Johnny and Alma would likely not exist. The

A word of advice: If you’re going to see this superlative chamber musical, take the time to read the introductory notes from Macau Experimental

When Mr. Shi and His Lover opens at the National Arts Centre next week, its Canadian composer Njo Kong Kie will be cocking a