Trevor Tolley was an English professor and, for a time, the Dean of Arts at Carleton University. But he was more than that. He

The former Canada and the World pavilion was always a building with a breathtaking view and no occupant. It is on Sussex Drive right

In this recent interview ARTSFILE asked the Carlet0n PhD student Jenna Herdman about her project to 'text-mine' Jane Austen novels. The ability of computers

Environment Canada has given RBC Ottawa Bluefest permission to move a bird's nest that was stopping the start of the main stage set-up for

Ottawa's Kevin Reeves is a pretty eclectic guy. He runs a choir called Seventeen Voyces and is heavily involved in the classical music scene

The process has formally begun to replace National Gallery Director Marc Mayer with a call on a federal website for candidates interested in the