Wednesday’s NACO concert had all the makings of a jaded yawnfest: a tame, old-fashioned program featuring a Rossini overture, a Mozart piano concerto, and

As a child, Xian Zhang started studying piano with her mother on an instrument built by her father. By age 11, she was in

Ludwig van Beethoven said of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 "we shall never be able to do anything like that." Johannes Brahms hailed it as a

Chalk it up to seasonal hazards, but even the rumbling racket of a passing street sweeping vehicle wasn’t enough to break the spell at

With a unanimous vote at city council, the hard work can begin in earnest to build a bigger and better music industry in Ottawa. The

In Mandarin it is called Jingju. In English it is Peking Opera, or if you prefer, Beijing Opera. But whatever you call it, for William