A dozen years ago, when the Royal Winnipeg Ballet last brought Mark Godden’s Dracula to Ottawa, I found the ballet to be all style

In Mandarin it is called Jingju. In English it is Peking Opera, or if you prefer, Beijing Opera. But whatever you call it, for William

Mark Godden fell in love with Canada when he first came to take ballet training with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. He had moved from Dallas,

In March 2016, I visited the (Dale) Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. I went at night. The papery heat

The Berkshire Hills encompass the Litchfield, Connecticut area where Moses Pendleton lives and walks in the New England countryside that echoes with the footsteps

For young boys and girls of a certain inclination, the dream of running away to join a circus seems a very acceptable alternative to