The former Canada and the World pavilion was always a building with a breathtaking view and no occupant. It is on Sussex Drive right

In this recent interview ARTSFILE asked the Carlet0n PhD student Jenna Herdman about her project to 'text-mine' Jane Austen novels. The ability of computers

After 34 books, you'd think Tim Wynne-Jones would run out of ideas. But nope. He's just published his 35th called The Ruinous Sweep and

Commedia dell’arte is a form of bawdy, mischievous, absurdist theatre, originating in Italy in the 16th century. The plays are performed by stock characters,

The world of Newfoundland author-actor-musician Joel Thomas Hynes is filled with bad boys we learn to love despite their petty crimes, barroom brawls, substance

There have been many firsts in Beverley McLachlin's career. She was the first female Chief Justice of Canada for one thing. And now she's